Doherty Financial Services (DFS) was founded in January 1997 on the belief that to provide exceptional specialized financial services we had to be free from the influences present at many traditional and large firms. After many years of working with large firms, we felt that decisions regarding what was available for our clients and how they are to be serviced should be made locally. We wanted to establish a local firm that had the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of our clients because it is the right thing to do, and not because of the product and quota requirements of a large corporation.

We set out to create an environment where our clients will find honest opinions from credible financial professionals who understand their fears, dreams and goals. An environment where clients will be offered appropriate financial solutions.

Our search led us to Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer that provides us with the wide selection of products and high-quality services to help us address our clients' needs. We are able to utilize the services of one of the best independent broker/dealers in the nation and personalize them for our clients at a local level. In essence, the best of both worlds.